Developing strategies

Insight-enabled pricing and market access approaches to ensure successful product launch and life-cycle management
Pricing, reimbursment and market access strategy
Understanding the evolving market access environment from the early stages of product development is essential for successful reimbursement of health technologies. At PHMR we utilise a wealth of experience with senior staff from the pharmaceutical industry, academia and health economics consultancy. We offer a comprehensive range of scientific and industry specific services which employ in-depth, market specific knowledge of reimbursement processes and healthcare systems.

PHMR provides consulting services for all aspects of pharmaceutical and medical device pricing and reimbursement, including:
  • Product price and reimbursement strategy
  • Pricing process and infrastructure
  • Pricing and reimbursement planning process development and implementation
  • Pricing and reimbursement models and analytical frameworks
  • Education and training
  • Seminars and training workshops for commercial and R&D staff on the principles and pharma application of value based pricing
  • Environmental analysis, forecasting and policy
  • Country pricing systems
  • European integration
  • Parallel trade
  • International pharmacy
  • Distribution channels
Pricing strategy
Understanding the market access landscape is essential to informing effective pricing and reimbursement decisions. PHMR offer a wide range of services which utilize extensive industry specific experience of our senior staff in global pharmaceutical companies, academic positions and consultancies.

PHMR offers a wide range of services in many aspects of pricing strategy, including:

  • Price setting
  • Price support
  • Influencing value generation
Price setting – “What should the price be?”
  • Economic evaluation and early price target development for forecast/valuation
  • Cross-market price risk evaluation and outlier management strategies
  • Launch price recommendations, including price sensitivity research and analysis
  • Global price strategy development, including price referencing, parallel trade analysis and optimisation modelling
  • Competitor reaction scenario assessment and contingency planning
  • Patent expiration strategy development and price scenario modelling
Price support – “How do we support and justify the price?”
  • Product “value story” development, including practical use of economic arguments and evidence
  • Value dossier development and construction
  • Negotiating strategy development
  • Lifecycle price defence strategies
Influencing value generation – “How do we align the value generation activities (clinical and marketing) to maximise the pricing opportunity?”
  • Target product profile optimisation to maximise pricing and reimbursement opportunity
  • Clinical development programme guidance to maximise pricing and reimbursement opportunity
  • Patient populations
  • Endpoints
  • Outcomes
  • Comparators
  • Cross indication pricing strategy assessment and recommendations
Innovative pricing and contracting
To make effective pricing and reimbursement decisions complex market access landscapes must be mapped.

PHMR is an international team with expert knowledge and experience of pricing and reimbursement environments in the EU countries and globally. We offer innovative pricing and contracting solutions to suit individual client and product needs. Our senior staff have practical experience in providing innovative pricing strategies to ensure maximum market access.