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PHMR HTA experts regularly monitor HTA decisions published worldwide.  Each month our team will collate and summarise the latest HTA decisions for newly appraised pharmaceutical products in the selected markets which may include France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden United Kingdom or Canada.
In an easy to read format, our Market Access Alerts will provide information on the pharmaceutical health technology assessed, therapeutic area, licenced indication, HTA agency determination, and the decision that was arrived at. In addition, the team will provide a brief analysis of each HTA decision including a strategic review and its implications of the decision made.  
Every month Market Access Alerts will provide you with vital intelligence on up-to-date HTA decisions to facilitate planning of your commercial and market access strategies. At a glance, this compelling dataset will enable you to scan the ever changing market landscape regarding upcoming competitors and the evolving dynamics in different therapy areas.
We provide the HTA intelligence you need and we hope you enjoy our free Market Access Alerts!

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Example Market Access Alert Newsletters

PHMR Market Access Alerts July 2017

In this month's PHMR Market Access alerts we are focusing on the selected HTA and reimbursement decisions in France, Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom (England and Scotland), published in July 2017.

PHMR Market Access Alerts June 2017

Market Access alerts we are focusing on the selected HTA and reimbursement decisions in France, Germany and the United Kingdom (England and Scotland), published in June 2017.