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New HTA Decisions in England
May 2019
Drug name
VYXEOS® (liposomal cytarabine-daunorubicin)
Jazz Pharmaceuticals
Decision date
Therapeutic area
Blood and immune system conditions
Therapeutic sub area
Blood and bone marrow cancers
An option for untreated therapy-related acute myeloid leukaemia or acute myeloid leukaemia with myelodysplasia-related changes in adults.
Decision Detail
Clinical trial evidence for liposomal-daunorubicin was derived from Study 301. Although the committee stressed some uncertainties for improved survival following stem cell transplant, median overall survival in patients treated with liposomal cytarabine-daunorubicin compared with standard cytarabine and daunorubicin increased from 5.95 months to 9.56 months. The committee concluded that when using the most plausible assumptions, the ICER was lower than £50,000 per QALY gained. As estimates fall within the range that NICE consider a cost-effective use of NHS resources for end-of-life treatments, liposomal cytarabine-daunorubicin can be recommended.