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New HTA Decisions in France
March 2021
Drug name
XYLOCARD® (lidocaine hydrochloride)
Aspen France
Decision date
Therapeutic area
Multiple Conditions
Therapeutic sub area
Official notice date
Reimbursement %
Decision (SMR)
Decision (ASMR)
No improvement (V)
XYLOCARD® is indicated in the management of pain in laparoscopic or open abdominal surgery (such as colorectal surgery, prostatectomy, cholecystectomy).
Decision Type
Extension of indication
The committee considers the actual benefit of XYLOCARD® to be 'important' in the management of postoperative pain and recovery, but does not improve the actual benefit (ASMR V) in the strategy of perioperative analgesia in abdominal surgery by laparoscopic or open route (such as colorectal surgery, prostatectomy, cholecystectomy, considering : • data from meta-analyses suggesting moderate perioperative efficacy of intravenous lidocaine compared to placebo / no treatment on early postoperative pain scores, incidence of postoperative ileus and postoperative consumption opioid surgery, and; • the strong heterogeneity reported between the studies, thus limiting these results.