Understanding Payers

Payer engagement to provide an understanding of evidence requirements and targeting strategies
HTA and guideline review
The guidelines and requirements of different HTA bodies, clinicians and payers are continuously changing and often country specific. Effectively managing your submissions to achieve full access across countries and regions requires a detailed understanding of payer and HTA processes.
PHMR offers HTA and guideline reviews specific to client and product needs with options to focus on specific payers and HTA bodies. PHMR has extensive experience in producing reviews of HTA submissions in specific disease areas. These reviews have identified the best strategies to engage with the pricing and reimbursement bodies that determine market access.
Quantitative pricing research
We offer pricing and reimbursement modelling and analytical frameworks to help clients optimize pricing decisions to fit with country-specific pricing systems. PHMR has experienced health economists and modellers who are familiar with requirements of HTA bodies and healthcare payers.
PHMR offers a wide range of services in multiple aspects of pricing research, including:
  • Environmental analysis and forecasting
  • Economic evaluation and early price target development for forecast/valuation
  • Cross-market price risk evaluation and outlier management strategies
  • Launch price recommendations, including price sensitivity research and analysis
  • Price referencing, parallel trade analysis and optimisation modelling
  • Competitor reaction scenario assessment and contingency planning
  • Patent expiration strategy development and price scenario modelling
Payer message testing
To make an economic value proposition work, internal and external stakeholders need to be aligned. To achieve this alignment you should market test your value messages at every stage of product development. PHMR run targeted payer interviews and advisory boards, leveraging commercial, academic and payer experience to deliver this feedback and ensure payer expectations are met.
Arranging clinical and payer advisory boards with key opinion leaders, industry professionals and clinicians is an effective method of collecting information to understand payer needs and develop strategies for pricing, market access and reimbursement strategies. The resulting insights are essential to ensuring maximum market access.

At PHMR, we draw upon the expertise of staff from both academic and commercial backgrounds with experience in conducting interviews and advisory panels to align product propositions with payers.
Payer and key influencer mapping
Understanding the needs and requirements of payers and key influencers is essential for a successful market access strategy. At PHMR we offer payer and key influencer mapping to guide clients in tackling specific pricing and reimbursement landscapes.
Payer partnership programmes
At PHMR our staff have extensive experience both in the pharmaceutical industry and dealing with international HTA bodies such as National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) to facilitate payer partnership programmes with the aim of maximising reimbursement.